Build a game in two days: Miami hosts Global Game Jam for fifth year

Miami University’s Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies is hosting its fifth annual Global Game Jam Jan. 25-27. Registration is now open.

Global Game Jam Inc. is a nonprofit with a mission to foster game design and game education across the world through its annual two-day events. At Miami participants work with each other and AIMS faculty to develop a game over 48 hours.

Registration is $55 and includes meals, drinks and snacks during the event as well as computers loaded with Adobe Creation Suite, Unity, Unreal, Game Maker and more. Miami’s Game Jam site is in room 27, King Library.

Participants in last year’s Jam developed original games such as (Dis)Jointed, where the player controls different joints in the body with corresponding keys and must navigate an obstacle course, and PoleCats, which has players competing in a race to see who can build telegraph poles the fastest after settlers moved out west.

Global Game Jam is not only for coders. Participants can contribute to a game’s music, art, story, and more, without being a master coder.

For more information, visit Miami’s Global Game Jam website.

Follow the 2019 Global Game Jam on Twitter @globalgamejam or look for the hashtag #GGJ19. You can also now join them on Discord.