Miami University Sustainability invites you: Join the Plastic Free July challenge

By Adam Sizemore, director of sustainability, and Susan Meikle, university news and communications

Have you heard about Plastic Free July? The goal is to challenge people to reduce and refuse single-use plastics and build sustainable habits.  

What started as a small movement in Australia in 2011 has now become a global campaign that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. Individuals committing to the 31-day challenge choose to reduce single-use plastics, such as the Top 4: disposable bags, bottles, coffee cups and straws.

Miami University sustainability is taking the challenge


Adam Sizemore, Miami University director of sustainability, said "Miami recently earned a STARS Gold recognition for sustainability achievements. Let's keep the momentum going on campus and 'choose to refuse' single-use plastics." 

"Sign up and challenge your co-workers, family and friends,"  says Sizemore.

"You can choose your own level  - avoid single-use plastic or go plastic-free for one day, one week, all of July, or from now on." 

Considered one of the most influential environmental campaigns in the world, in July 2018 alone the award-winning Plastic Free July campaign involved 120 million people across the globe who took part in the challenge across 177 countries. 

These individual actions contribute to an estimated savings of more than 1 billion pounds (490 million kg) of plastic waste each year, according to the Plastic Free Foundation. 

The foundation is "proud that this impact addresses these UN Sustainable Development Goals": sustainable cities and communities; responsible production and consumption; life below water; and life on land.

Make an impact — Join the Challenge 


Which will you choose?

Go to

What single use plastics you are targeting — bags, disposable plastic cutlery, coffee cups, water bottles?


state-selection-boxTip: If you sign Plastic Free July challenge, skip over the "State" selection box, since it is meant for Australia.

Select "Outside Australia."