Renew your parking permit; current tags expire June 30

parking camera on top of Miami police carMiami University employees can now purchase parking permits for 2019-2020.

Miami employs License Plate Recognition (LPR), which uses vehicle-mounted cameras to compare license plates to the database of Miami-registered vehicles.

There will no longer be a physical hangtag or sticker showing parking status. Instead, the employee’s license plate will be the identifier. When employees purchase their parking permissions, they need to verify that their license plates are correct in their Miami parking account. Up to four vehicles may be connected to their permit.

Employees at the Oxford campus can see permit costs online and log in to their parking services account to purchase parking permission.

Step 1: Employees need to look at the list of vehicles on their account and use the "Remove" button to remove any vehicles they no longer drive and the "Add New Vehicle" button to add a new vehicle or update a license plate. Motorcycles may be added here as well.

Step 2: Click "Buy Permit,” choose "2019-20 Annual” and click "Next." Select the desired permit, typically the "Employee surface lots (RED)."

Those who have an ADA/Handicap placard need to check the box for "Do you have a state-issued disability placard?" and upload a picture of the placard. That permission needs to be connected to the employee’s plate in the system as parking services is moving away from viewing physical permits on mirrors and dashboards.

(Employees may email a picture of the placard to later if they prefer.)

Step 3: This is very important: Hold down the shift button and highlight all of the vehicles that might be driven to campus. If only one vehicle is highlighted, that will be the only vehicle that is 'permitted' to be on campus. Select all of the vehicles that might be driven before you click "Next/Save."

Step 4: Choose a payment option, typically "credit card - webapi" or "payroll deduction."

Step 5: Optional. For garage access, after completing the purchase of a surface lot permit, go back into the account and complete the process again selecting either the North Garage or the Campus Avenue Garage.

Note about license plates: Since employees’ license plates are their permit, if their vehicle does not have a front license plate, they will need to park so the rear license plate is presented to the driveway of the lot. They will not be able to back in to or pull through a parking space.

If you encounter any problems with online registration, please email parking and transportation services at

Employees at the Regionals may register for a regional campus white parking hangtag free of charge in their campus cashier's office. If regional campus staff regularly visit the Oxford campus, they may -- in addition to their regional white hangtag -- purchase a red parking permission online for $125 for the year by following the steps above.

For infrequent visitors, parking in one of the Oxford campus garages and paying the hourly rate is an option as well.