Miami Det. Schneider honored by Homeland Security

The Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) office in Cincinnati has recognized the Miami University police department (MUPD) for continued operational support and significant contributions to the HSI Cincinnati mission.

Specifically, MUPD Det. Walt Schneider was recognized for his forensic expertise in “several of HSI's core programmatic areas, including child exploitation investigations as well as narcotics trafficking investigations.”
Walt Schneider - award from Homeland Security

Steve Francis of HSI and Det. Walt Schneider with the recognition award.

Schneider, who has trained at the National Computer Forensics Institute, is able to retrieve data and evidence from computers and cell phones to support the arrest and convictions of offenders in the areas HSI investigates. He has been assisting HSI since 2010.

“We are very fortunate to have great partners like yourself and the University Police Department who share expertise and best practices with HSI to enhance our investigative efforts,” said Steve K. Francis, Special Agent in Charge at HSI.

The MUPD’s Digital Forensic Investigative Unit, which Schneider leads, led to Miami being ranked fifth in the U.S. by the National Campus Safety Summit in 2015 for making a positive difference in student safety.

“Support from the university for Det. Schneider’s forensic training enables us to share resources with Homeland Security and with other law enforcement agencies,” said MUPD Chief John McCandless. “Public safety is our shared primary commitment and being part of the law enforcement community means collaborating and partnering to meet that commitment.”