Stay active and healthy at home

Recreational sports center staff member shares tips and advice


Seth Cropenbaker, fitness director, shares fitness and health tips.

By Avery Treend, university news and communications intern

Fitness instructors at Miami University’s recreational sports center found new ways to motivate students, staff and the greater Oxford community to stay active while working from home.

Seth Cropenbaker, a fitness director, released an at-home workout guide to help make well-being a top priority. In addition to the fitness tips, Cropenbaker included healthy eating tips from Joanna Saba, a registered dietician at Miami.

The workout guide includes modifications for individuals with varying levels of experience, with each level providing detailed instructions on how to properly do each exercise. Each exercise is equipment-free, and they only require 20 minutes of your time.

The nutrition portion of the graphic focuses on maintaining a healthy diet. More specifically, Saba recommends stocking the kitchen with a variety of foods to avoid repetitiveness.

Saba advises against mindless eating by steering clear of the kitchen between meals and fueling up on unprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables.

Miami’s recreational sports center team will continue to think creatively when seeking out at-home exercises that challenge one’s fitness routines, while still making it fun. Cropenbaker recently provided a helpful video to break down the meaning of wellness and exercise.

Cropenbaker plans to send out weekly articles, workouts and videos to encourage individuals to stay healthy during this time. He is also welcoming feedback through his email,