Take a peek into Bob De Schutter's Games and Learning class

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Miami University game designer Bob De Schutter turned his hybrid Games and Learning class into one that is entirely online.

De Schutter, the C. Michael Armstrong Associate Professor of Applied Game Design, created a series of 10 videos for the class and to share with others in his field. 

The two-minute video below introduces the concept of applied game design as "designed experiences" — how games are carefully crafted in order to guide player progression through an ideological world en route to develop our identities.

What is applied game design? The term is used to refer to whenever game design theory is applied in domains outside of entertainment — such as education, business, science, technology, health and even empathy, De Schutter said.

His digital game, “Brukel,” is an example of applied game design. The game recreates the narrative of an elderly World War II survivor, based on the experiences of his Belgian grandmother. It aims to sensitize players about the impact of war on the lives of innocent bystanders. "Brukel" won a gold medal at the International Serious Play Awards 2019. It was recognized in the category “games for good,” designed for use in educational settings. 

Take a peek into his first class: "Game Design as Designed Experiences"