HR rolling out new performance evaluation system for all staff

Beginning May 1, Miami University’s department of human resources (HR) and Academic Personnel will implement a new online performance evaluation via PageUp for the 2021-22 academic year. PageUp is a human resources information system that will house performance evaluations. 

To be best prepared for rollout, supervisors should attend one of the live Performance Evaluation Overview webinars beginning March 31, or they can view a recorded webinar that will be posted at a later date. Webinars will be hosted via Zoom and listed on the Performance Management website at

The overview sessions will introduce supervisors to the structure of the online performance evaluation including goals, competencies and ratings. Virtual sessions are open to the public and registration is not required. 

The Performance Evaluation Training Resources page will be frequently updated with additional resources and topics to help individuals become more familiar with the new process.

The collaborative review process between managers and employees remains the same. However, this online form will include an interactive goal setting dialogue and the opportunity to more effectively connect department/divisional goals with individual goals. 

Phases of the Annual Performance Evaluation Cycle

• Goal setting (May 1 - June 30) 

• Mid-year (September 1 - October 31)

•Year-end (February 10 - April 29)

For complete details about goal setting, competencies, ratings, technical steps in PageUp and other resources, go to