Srinivas Krishnan brings the world's music to Miami through Global Rhythm performances.
Srinivas Krishnan brings the world's music to Miami through Global Rhythm performances.

Srinivas Krishnan receives Miami University's President's Medal

Artist-in-residence Srinivas Krishnan received Miami University's President's Medal for bringing the world to Miami through Global Rhythms World Music Ensemble.

President David Hodge presented the award to Krishnan Wednesday, Oct. 14, commending him for his 20 years of work in creating and producing Global Rhythms each year.

Global Rhythms is a multisensory experience that brings together students of any major who share a common love of music to celebrate ethnic music from non-Western cultures. The 20th anniversary concerts were held this fall.

“Global Rhythms has proved to be an extraordinary musical experience, promoting respect for the talents and contributions of others and a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world’s many wonderful cultures,” said Hodge. “Without him, this entire endeavor would never have come to enrich Miami University so beautifully over 20 years.”

Srinivas Krishnan receives President's medal

Srinivas Krishnan receives President's Medal from President David Hodge. Krishnan is an artist-in-residence in Miami's Center for World Cultures, led by director Mary Jane Berman.

The President's Medal, a replica of the medallion worn by Miami University presidents during inaugurations and at other moments of ceremony, bears the seal of the university.

It is presented to individuals of high achievement who have made significant contributions to the university and to exceptional individuals who exemplify the university motto through their extraordinary service to their community. The first medal was given in 1990; Krishnan is the 11th recipient.

Innovative collaborations

Since founding Global Rhythms 20 years ago, Krishnan has focused on sustaining innovative collaborations and relationships among youth, students and artists from diverse cultures across the globe.

He is a master percussionist and artist-in-residence at Miami’s Center for American and World Cultures. With his interdisciplinary background – he holds a master's of environmental science degree from Miami – he implements his artistic and interdisciplinary ideas with a range of groups on campus.

This year he collaborated with the College of Computing and Engineering and the Lockheed Martin Leadership Institute on Miami Meets India 2015. He will also teach "Cultural Heritage of India" in Chennai, India, as part of the 2016 winter term study abroad course Engineering in Dynamic India (open to all majors).

Krishnan is a member of the guest faculty and advisory panel of the KM Music Conservatory, a multidisciplinary music education center established by A.R. Rahman’s foundation.
Rahman has worked with Global Rhythms on campus for more than a decade on several projects and global initiatives, according to Krishnan. He was also Miami's 2012 spring commencement speaker.

Krishnan trained under four master musicians in India. He was featured as a percussionist at the University of North Texas at the age of 21. He performs on the tabla, ghatam, Middle Eastern dumbek, Irish Bodhran and mridangam.