Susan Sonchik Marine named 2020 American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellow

susan-marineSusan Sonchik Marine, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, is one of 53 scientists recently named a 2020 ACS Fellow by the American Chemical Society.

Marine is recognized for outstanding accomplishments in chemistry and important contributions to the ACS. She has served for 46 years in industry and academia solving diverse analytical problems while fostering teamwork and inspiring new talent to the chemical community. She has championed chemical technicians and women in chemistry.

For her contribution to the ACS community, she is credited with serving on and chairing national committees and local sections, including the national ACS committees technician affairs, diversity and inclusion, community activity, and nomenclature, terms and symbols. She is chair-elect of the Cincinnati Section. She has continually promoted the Society to students and the general public, and has received two ACS Phoenix Awards for her work with National Chemistry Week activities.

Marine, who teaches at the Regionals (Middletown), was the inaugural chair of the Regionals' department of mathematical and physical sciences (chemistry, geology, mathematics, physics and statistics), serving from 2016-2018.

She helped to develop the forensic science major and the bachelor of science in forensic science and investigation degree, offered through the department of justice and community studies.

An analytical chemist, she worked on special assignment for the Argonne National Laboratory from 2003-2005, where she helped establish sampling protocol and improved gas chromatographic methods and standards. Prior to joining Miami in 1998, she worked as an advisory engineer for IBM. At Miami, Marine has been honored with several awards for undergraduate teaching.

New ACS Fellows are traditionally recognized during the ACS Fall National Meeting & Expo. This year that event will be virtual due to the coronavirus, so the 2020 ACS Fellows will be recognized and celebrated at a later date.

Marine joins three other ACS Fellows at Miami: Stacey Lowery Bretz (2012), Ellen Yezierski (2016) and Lynn Hogue (2017).