Miami will return to in-person classes and operations for Fall 2021

Miami University President Gregory Crawford announced that the university will return to in-person classes and operations by Fall 2021.

For Oxford undergraduate students, this means most of their instruction will be face-to-face. While there might be some remote components of classes, the university does not plan to offer a fully remote option. Regional campus students will have access to a full complement of in-person classes and activities and will continue to have access to Miami’s nationally ranked online bachelor’s programs. In addition to regular in-person courses and activities, Miami graduate students will have access to newly launched online degree programs.

“As we begin to look ahead to the fall, the promising news about the COVID-19 vaccines is cause for great optimism,” said President Gregory Crawford. “As the rollout of the vaccines continues, there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel for this pandemic and we are excited about returning to in-person classes and operations.”

Crawford said that the university hopes to be able to offer all faculty and staff the opportunity to be vaccinated by the end of July. While the university does not currently have access to vaccines, Miami continues to work with TriHealth to be ready to administer the vaccine when it is generally available.

The university will share more information about the summer term and fall semester planning in the next several weeks. Crawford’s announcement to campus, as well as additional information on the university’s response to the pandemic, can be found on the Healthy Together website