Take a survey and help HR build a better website

written by Becky Stephenson, personnel associate, human resources

The human resources department is collaborating with university communications and marketing staff to develop a new HR website.   

The focus of the website will be you, the employee and what you need from an HR website to do your job wherever you are in your career at Miami. The expected rollout date is the end of summer 2015.  

Designing a website to resonate with such a broad spectrum of employees is no easy task. We could use your help to identify what works and what doesn’t work on the current human resources web pages.

Please complete this short questionnaire about the current and future HR websites. We appreciate and welcome your feedback to help build a better website.  

Improve your presentation skills through a staff development workshop

Everyone makes presentations, formal or informal, in their normal work routines, whether it be to direct reports, colleagues, supervisors, customers or vendors.  

In this session, participants will learn effective techniques to create an organized presentation and deliver an impactful presentation.  Participants will also gain tips for increasing confidence, controlling nervousness and connecting with the audience.

A small class size allows participants the opportunity to practice presenting in a safe, noncompetitive environment.
Register for this workshop in TRAIN.

Sign up to learn the new online hiring system, HireTouch

There’s still time to train for HireTouch, the new online hiring system. Learn how to create actions such as filling a vacant position, initiating a PRIDE award, creating a new position and much more.  Sign up today in TRAIN.