Human resources answers your questions about high deductibles and health savings accounts

Still have questions about the High Deductible Health Plan or the Health Savings Account offered at Miami?  

Then this seminar hosted by Benefits & Wellness is for you. These topics will be covered in detail Wednesday, March 25 (please note the date change), or Thursday, April 16..

Register for the HDHP/HSA 101 seminar in TRAIN.  Contact Benefits & Wellness at 529-2148 with further questions.

“Did You Know?”

You can view your current tuition fee waiver status on the Employee tab of MyMiami?  

Below are the steps:

  1. Login to MyMiami
  2. Choose the Employee tab
  3. Scroll down the Personal Information area to the Employment & Personal Information section
  4. select the Tuition Fee Waivers tab for current status.