Double protect yourself with Additional Two-Factor Authentication

Last year, IT services introduced Two-Factor Authentication to protect grade submission, tax forms and changes to direct deposit.

Beginning in late March, you can choose to apply Two-Factor Authentication to all MUnet login services, including major services such as myMiami, Niihka, Canvas and email. (Logins to services such as Kronos are not handled by the MUnet Login Page.)

Miami screen log-in

Timesaver: When you enter a verification code, select Trust this Browser. The browser will not require you to enter a code again for 30 days. (Never use this option on public or shared computers.)

How will it work?

If you choose to enable Additional Two-Factor, a prompt will direct you to enter a single-use verification code whenever you log in from the red MUnet Login Page shown below.

Can I choose which Miami services to protect?

No. Due to the nature of the MUnet Login, all services are protected when you enable Additional Two-Factor.

Do I have to enable Additional Two-Factor?

No. Additional Two-Factor protection is optional. Remember, mandatory protected resources (including grade submission, tax forms and direct deposit) will still be subject to Two-Factor Authentication regardless of your Additional Two-Factor preference.
How do I enable Additional Two-Factor?

Visit and enroll in Two-Factor Authentication, if necessary.

  • If you are already enrolled, click Manage Settings.
  • Enter a single-use verification code and choose Additional Two-Factor.
  • Under Your Additional Two-Factor preference, select On
  • Click Submit.
  • Follow the directions and log out in order for changes to take effect.

What if I change my mind and want to disable Additional Two-Factor?

  • If you change your mind, return to Manage Settings
  • Set Your Additional Two-Factor preference to Off.
  • Log out in order for changes to take effect.

Where can I learn more?

For step-by-step directions and additional information, view the IT Help article Applying Two-Factor Authentication to all Miami logins. For additional resources, including links to enrollment and settings, visit