Improvements to Travel and Expense Module will benefit you

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New system upgrades to improve Travel and Expense Module.

By Susan Bosler, accounts payable

After the Banner system upgrade on May 29, you will be able to use Miami’s Travel and Expense Module in Chrome and Safari as well as the browsers you have used in the past, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Also, approvers will have the ability to upload an attachment to a submitted document. They will do this by clicking a link to access Travel and Expense Management from the Workflow system.

Travelers/delegates will also notice there is no longer a non-reimbursable tab. Travel and Expense will now have one area to input your expenses, non-reimbursable will be an option. You will still need to select non-reimbursable and reference your university P-Card.

IconsAs you enter your expenses you will notice different icons to identify reimbursable expenses and non-reimbursable expenses. If you need to split the expenses by more than one index, you will select them and make this change all at once rather than line-by-line.

For departments that use activity codes, you will now be able to add an activity code to your profile, and it will flow over into your Travel and Expense Report. You will no longer need to add this to each expense.

When you are working in the Travel and Expense Module to recalculate per diem you will now get an error message that a default payment method is required. You will want to select Cash from the drop-down list when this occurs.
Travel and Expense Report deadlines
On a Travel Expense Report we require, per IRS guidelines, timely return of receipts. The IRS has determined that 60 days is a reasonable period of time to document travel expenses. This deadline is important and will be enforced. Not meeting the required deadline of 60 days may result in the travel reimbursement becoming taxable income to the traveler. For any travel-related expenses paid personally, reimbursement will be made after the travel has taken place and only for the expense amount. Finance charges are not reimbursable.
Workshop cash advance deadlines
Workshop cash advances are subject to the provisions of Internal Revenue Code Section 62(C).

• Cash advances must be documented and reported within thirty (30) days after the expenses are incurred (last day of workshop).
• Original receipts are required for every dollar spent (excluding per diem).
• Documentation must be included to verify the currency exchange rate for foreign travel (credit card receipt, bank memo, etc.).
• Any advance amounts in excess of substantiated expenses must be returned to the university within thirty (30) days after the expenses are incurred (last day of the workshop).

If you have questions, contact customer support at 529-9200.