Kate Stoss answers questions about HireTouch

Advisory group meets

Kate Stoss, center, listens as members of the HireTouch Advisory Group provides feedback of the newly implemented hiring software.

by Becky Stephenson, human resources

HireTouch rolled out as the new online personnel hiring system for Miami University in February 2015.  During its development and implementation, the HireTouch Customer Advisory Group provided valuable advice regarding needed functionality and assisted with the system testing.

Kate Stoss, interim associate vice president of human resources, talks about the advisory group and the impact the members have on the success of HireTouch.

Q: What is the HireTouch Customer Advisory Group?

A: This is a group made up of power users — a cross-sectional team of employees from all areas in the university including the regional campuses. Power users are in the software regularly and give feedback about the customer experience.

Q: Why was the HireTouch Customer Advisory Group created?

A: Anytime you implement new software it generally takes six months to one year for the organization to get comfortable using it and fully address issues.  The advisory group helps identify issues and make recommendations for improvement.      

Q: Why are customers different in their use of HireTouch than human resources?

A: Issues that customers face at the beginning of a search may be different than we see at the end of a search.  We need that unique customer perspective to make the necessary improvements, which is why the advisory group is so valuable to the implementation and improvement process.

Q: How often do you meet with the HireTouch Customer Advisory Group?

A: Every two weeks the advisory group meets to review the improvements that we have made since the last meeting and make additional recommendations. Human resources and academic personnel have meetings in between to discuss how best to make those changes and address the concerns and recommendations made by the advisory group.

Q: Why was the change necessary from PeopleAdmin to HireTouch?

A: Our customers needed software to handle all of their employee transactions in a "one-stop" application.  Customers are able to see budget and employee salary information in HireTouch.  They are also able to make Pride Award recommendations, index changes and more. Our vendor at the time couldn't meet the changing and advanced employment requirements of our customers.  

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