Mike Savnik loves a good job fair: A great tool for recruiting employees

Mike Savnik travels to job fairs promoting Miami's employement opportunties.

Mike Savnik travels to job fairs promoting Miami's employment opportunities.

by Becky Stephenson, human resources

Mike Savnik is a human resources generalist in the employment, compensation and technology unit.  Mike oversees the recruitment and hiring processes for entry level positions at Miami University.

Recruitment is one of the ongoing responsibilities that Mike works on in addition to hiring and onboarding of entry-level staff.  There are several tools a human resources generalist uses to help advertise and recruit people for entry-level positions; one of those tools is a job fair. I had a chance to learn more about how job fairs work for the recruitment side of employment.

Q: What is a job fair and how does it work?

A:  A job fair is an event where we can promote employment at Miami University, including available positions, opportunities for advancement and the benefits we provide. We work with large departments to determine staffing needs, determine the best locations and times for the fairs and develop a recruitment plan.

Q: Promoting a more diverse culture is one of the goals for hiring practices in the Miami 2020 Plan.  How can job fairs help in meeting that goal?

A: We attend several job fairs that specifically promote diversity in the area. We have the opportunity to grab the attention of those looking for employment within the Cincinnati/Dayton area.  As part of Miami’s 2020 Plan, our goal is to not only attract but retain diverse employees by providing support and resources available to all Miami employees.

Miami balloonsQ: What are some advantages to attending or hosting a job fair in recruiting for entry-level positions?

A:  Our strongest advantages come from advertising, the “one-stop” experience we create and the ability to attract, interview and hire large numbers of people quickly. By setting up across many different areas within Butler and Preble counties, we are promoting Miami University, not only as a potential employer but also as a potential educational opportunity. The “one-stop” experience allows us to speak to applicants, answer questions, provide information regarding employment and educational opportunities and provide assistance in the application and hiring process. Many people looking for employment are wanting that face-to-face experience and conversation with a potential employer. Finally, job fairs allow us to recruit and hire for several openings and postings at once for our two largest departments on campus.

Q: How often does Miami attend job fairs during the year?

A: Human resources attends several entry-level job fairs throughout the year, based on the staffing needs of departments. We hosted several in May and early June and have three scheduled the week of July 13. On average, we try to host 6-8 job fairs a year, while also attending 6-8 larger job/recruitment fairs that are hosted by other schools, professional organizations, etc.