Student job fair: Q and A with Kristin Henegar and Heidi Spencer

by Becky Stephenson, human resources

It’s that time of year again for the annual student employment job fair.  This is an important event that assists departments with staffing needs and helps students find university jobs.

The fair will be held on the west patio of Shriver Center and in the multipurpose (Dolibois) room 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 2.

The two masterminds behind the success of the job fair are HR’s student employment team, Kristin Henegar and Heidi Spencer. 


(L-R)Kristin Henegar, Kate Huter, Sophia Moryl, Jas Minhas, Dakota Brown, Alexa Harris, and Heidi Spencer.

Q: What can students expect at this year’s fair?

A: Weather permitting, the fair will be outside on the west patio of Shriver Center.  There are more than 10 tables with numerous departments looking to hire 10 or more students.  We’ll also be in the multipurpose room of Shriver.  Students can speak with representatives from the hiring departments, apply to positions and actually be hired by any one of these departments on-site. Students can stop by and leave with a job.

Q: Are there any cool giveaways?

A: Of course. We’ll have treats, popcorn, cookies and water to give to those who stop in.  We’ll also be drawing names for door prizes that have been donated by multiple departments on campus that include Miami jerseys, hats, shirts, posters, etc. It's a great way to pick up some Miami swag.

Q: What documentation should a student bring to the fair if they are able to snag a job and complete the paperwork?  

A: If you have never worked for Miami before and get a job on-site at the fair, be prepared to fill out a few employment forms that require documentation.  A list of acceptable documentation can be found at  If you have worked for Miami before, you may not need to complete these forms.

Q: If a student can’t make the fair, can they still apply online for jobs?  

A: Absolutely. The university is always in need of student workers and hires all year. We encourage students to apply to multiple positions to increase their chances for employment.  Students can view student employment opportunities by logging onto