Filelocker provides easy and secure file sharing

Image of Filelocker logoWhat do you do when the need arises for you to have to share a large document with a colleague and the attachment size limitations of Google won’t allow it?

Or if you worry about the potential security risks of standard email or some popular file sharing applications, Miami has the solution for you.  It is called Filelocker.  

Filelocker is an open source program created by staff at Purdue University to conveniently and securely share files with other people both on and off campus.

Chris Cox, a Miami senior research associate, says Filelocker is the perfect solution. Cox works in Miami’s Discovery Center for Evaluation, Research, and Professional Learning.  

“Over the last year, Filelocker has provided a convenient means to securely send and receive large volumes of sensitive data in Microsoft Excel files with individuals outside of Miami University,” he said.

Filelocker is available for all Miami faculty, staff and students to use.  To access the service, log in with your Miami credentials at and follow the simple instructions on the Web page. You will be able to upload and share files up to 750 MB in size – significantly larger than the Google 25-MB limit.

Cox adds that Filelocker makes the process easy for everyone involved.

“After establishing a password with our education evaluation clients, Filelocker sends them an email with a link enabling them to upload files. Once the Excel files have been uploaded, Filelocker sends us an email alerting us that new files are ready to be downloaded to our internal secure servers.”

As with any electronic tool there is some information that you need to be aware of to use it successfully. Here are the important points:
  • All files are deleted after 90 days – Filelocker is for sharing, not storage.
  • Files stored in Filelocker are not backed up.
  • Copyrighted materials may not be shared via Filelocker without permission of the copyright owner.

If you have questions about Filelocker, please contact the IT services support desk at or 513-529-7900.