The ABCs of unclassified and classified leave reporting

holiday-hoursA.  This is a reminder that classified employees must submit vacation/comp time/personal leave if they want the Dec. 29-31 days paid. This is the only time during the year that classified staff may take unpaid days off. The ONLY exception to using sick time during the closing of the university is if an employee is on a pre-approved specific FMLA.  Intermittent FMLA is NOT permissible for use during this time. Pre-approved specific FMLA is for a specific period of time as recommended by the employee’s physician and requires a Return to Work Certification before returning to work.  An example of a need for a specific FMLA would be for a scheduled surgery.  Please refer to your FMLA approval letter if you have any questions regarding your FMLA standing.  You may also contact your manager who has a copy of your approval letter that states specific or intermittent leave.

B. For winter break leave reporting special consideration must be taken for specific days.  Unclassified employees must use vacation time for the three dates, Dec. 29, 30 and 31.  If you are approved or required to work one or more of these days, do not report vacation, but add a comment to the leave report indicating which days you worked. Unclassified staff should not report vacation for Dec. 24 and 25; they are paid holidays. When submitting the January 2016 report, do not report vacation for the Jan. 1 paid holiday.

C. Certain offices may require staff to work selected days during winter break based on the business needs of the department, e.g., payroll or university advancement. Your supervisor will inform you if you’re required to work.