Laughter is important to creativity, says Jim Friedman.
Laughter is important to creativity, says Jim Friedman. Photo: Scott Kissell

SATSS members focused on creativity during summer conference

by Lisa Raatz of IT services, CPAC chair

President Hodge addressing attendees of the SATSS conference.

President David Hodge spoke about Miami's Year of Creativity and Innovation. (Photos by Scott Kissell)

Attendees of the annual Supervisory, Administrative and Technical Support Staff (SATSS) Summer Conference learned practical ways to reach "The Good Life" as they focused on creativity and innovation.

The successful conference kicked off with President David Hodge addressing a group of more than 140 on the creativity and innovation theme.

Keynote speaker Jim Friedman, White Family Clinical Faculty in the Institute for Entrepreneurship at the Farmer School of Business, provided insight about creativity.

Jim Friedman gives tests during his presentation.

Jim Friedman tests the audience on their levels of creativity.

Informative and helpful breakout sessions included one on job enrichment from Brenda Curry of human resources. We learned some practical ways to reach "the good lIfe," from Celine Walton and Cassie Wilson of Benefits & Wellness, and Amanda Diekman, professor in the department of psychology.

I could relate to them, because in my opinion, they really are biblical principles I have learned and tried to follow for myself over the years.  It was good to see that professionals are learning the same things.

Detective Merz gives defense lessons.

Self-defense tips were on the summer conference agenda.

Closing out the day was Michelle Merz, detective with Miami's police department, who taught us a self-defense method using our "hammer fists," as well as other techniques.

Overall, I believe the entire conference was great. I learned that as we get older we tend to lose our creativity.  Laughing more helps us to be more creative. I try to do that, not only to help me be more creative, but to be a happier person.

Summer Conference 2017

Please plan to attend the 5th SATSS Summer Conference in 2017. The tentative date set is Thursday, May 25.