How can you get your mail quicker? Use mail stop codes

Red mail boxBy Anita Byrd, university mail services

Miami University mail services wants to remind all faculty and staff of the mail stop code (MSC) policy.

You can help the office provide the most efficient service by including a mail stop code as part of your mailing address.

Listed below are the most commonly asked questions regarding the use of mail stop codes.

What is a mail stop code? Mail stop codes are used by mail services to designate a delivery location (building/room). The code simplifies the handling process, enabling mail service staff to sort mail more efficiently and ensure faster delivery.

Why not just use your department name for delivery location? There are many times that department names are not the correct designator for delivery locations.

For example, departments move locations, change names, and host programs with names not associated with their department. Also, a faculty/staff member may wish to receive mail at a location close to their office that is different from their home department.

In each of these cases, the mail stop code would guide the delivery of the mail, eliminating confusion from the use of old addresses or incorrect or missing department names.

When should mail stop codes be used? Mail stop codes should be used in all addresses including campus mail (from one department to another via mail services) and all incoming mail (letters, magazines, packages, etc.) from sources outside of Miami.

What happens if they are not included in my address? Failure to include mail stop codes in your department address may result in delivery delays or your mail being returned to the sender.

Where can I find my mail stop code (MSC) and information on addressing standards? A complete list of building addresses and mail stop codes can be found on the mail services website:

For information on addressing incoming and outgoing mail, please visit:

Thank you for helping mail services provide better service to you by using the mail stop code system as part of your addressing standards. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the mail services office at 529-9221 or