Hundreds helped move thousands - information technology

International move-in:

Staff were available in the residence halls on the day(s) that the international students moved in:

Don Kidd, Andry Farler, Jeff Toaddy, Leah Tuscany, Liz Hooven, Kelly Geng, David Schaefer, Pete Ferris, Pat Powers, Emily Schmidt, Randy Hollowell, Roxanne Storer, Erin Mills, Lawrence Chow, Leah Harris, Jake Bowers, Annie Pagura, Ryan Klein, Frank Luo, Joe Bazeley, Axhay Patel, Dan Johnson, Dana Miller, Michael L. Robinson, Festus Ojo, Duane Drake, Mingchao Liao, (student intern)

Move-in Army:

Staff assigned to residence halls on Thursday, Aug. 25, to help students: 

Jessie Fernandes, Liz Hooven, Amy Locke, Andy Farlers, Chris Acheson, Daniel Trinh, Dan Johnson, Michael Beck, Praneeth Ravendernath, Vamsi Komarthi, Chithra Shetty, Mary Beth Dillon, Frank Luo, Dirk Tepe, JP Natale, Mike Ritcher, Soundararajan Rajendran, Rose Duh, Axhay Patel, Dave Beitz, Annie Pagura, Steve Thole, Brad Koby


There are 2 tents, one at Laws Hall and one across the street from Maple Street Station. They are staffed 10 a.m-6 p.m. 8/25–26, and 29-31. 

Em Smith, Pete Ferris, Duc Ta, Daniel Black, Lawrence Chow, Cathy McVey, Sean Poley, Bob Black, Don Kidd, David Schaefer, Pat Powers, Emily Schmidt, Erin Mills, Jeff Toaddy, Holly Gage Randy Hollowell, Jeff Triplett, Roxanne Storer, Mary Brooks, Steve Beckman, Bob Dein, Micah Cooper, Dana Miller

Support desk staff:  

Terrence Hedrick, Dave Hampton, Eric Suchanek, Jennifer Witt, Kean Lim, Eugene Piggee, Scott Stiles, Bill Roi, Tim Ward