New academic leaders appointed

Miami starts the fall with several new- or newly-assigned faculty chairs, administrators and academic administrators. Several lead new departments at the Regionals. Their names and new roles are below.


  • Cathy Bishop-Clark (interim - (CLAAS) College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science)

Associate Deans

  • Robert Davis (interim - CLAAS)
  • Brooke Flinders (interim - CLAAS)


  • Garry Bowyer (education and society)
  • Thomas Effler (interim chair - art)
  • Lt. Col. Allison Galford (Air Force ROTC)
  • Paul Harding (biological sciences)
  • Howard Kleiman (acting chair - media, journalism and film)
  • Rebecca Luzadis (interim chair - finance)
  • Susan S. Marine (mathematical and physical sciences)
  • Denise McCoskey (acting chair - classics)
  • M. Elise Radina (family studies and social work)
  • Sree Subedi (social and behavioral sciences)
  • Raymond Terrell (acting chair - teacher education)
  • Roscoe Wilson (humanities and creative arts)
  • Whitney Womack-Smith (languages, literatures, and writing)


  • Stephen Norris (interim - Havighurst Center)
  • Elizabeth Wardle (Howe Center for Writing Excellence)


  • Lindsay Carpenter (assistant provost for budget and analytics)
  • Celia Ellison (director, academic personnel services)