Only 11 days left for open enrollment

By Sherry Schilling, human resources

open-enrollmentOpen enrollment is the one time each year when you can make benefit plan changes. Elections for calendar year 2017 must be made via BannerWeb open enrollment before 5 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 31, 2016.

Ask your questions early to ensure you have plenty of time to make your benefit decisions. Once you submit your elections, you will receive a confirmation via email the next business day. Please review carefully.

Please note that health savings account contributions and flexible spending account elections DO NOT roll from year to year. These must be submitted in open enrollment for 2017.

Charitable giving contributions to United Way of Oxford and Community Shares can be made via open enrollment or the pledge card that was mailed to your campus address in late September.

The Benefits & Wellness staff will be available during the following times for open help sessions. These sessions are walk-in (no appointment necessary) and can be used for one-on-one help with open enrollment, as well as the Healthy Miami Premium Discount Program. Computers are available at these sessions.

Please contact Benefits & Wellness at 529-3926 or to schedule an appointment if you cannot attend one of these help sessions. For more information on open enrollment and the benefit plan options for 2017, please see the open enrollment website


Oct. 21

10 a.m.-noon

MUM, 002 Gardner-Harvey Library


Oct. 25

9–11 a.m.

5 Roudebush Hall


Oct. 26

noon–2 p.m.

5 Roudebush Hall


Oct. 27

1–3 p.m.

MUM, 013 Johnston Hall


Oct. 28

1–3 p.m.

5 Roudebush Hall


Oct. 31

1–3 p.m.

5 Roudebush Hall