W-2s: The measure of a year

How do you measure a year? 12 months? 365 days? 8,760 hours?

In the payroll office, our measure is 12,000+. That is the number of W-2s that we will issue for the tax year 2016.

As a reminder, W-2s will be available no later than Tuesday, Jan. 31. Unless you have opted out of electronic delivery, W-2s will be available to you on BannerWeb.

If you need a copy mailed and did not opt out of electronic delivery, please contact the payroll office at 529-6223 or

To access your W-2 on BannerWeb:

  • Log into MyMiami using your unique ID and password.
  • In the Quick Tools area, click Banner.
  • From the Main Menu, click Employee Services Online.
  • From Employee Services Online, locate the form that you want and click to open it.  You will notice a lock that indicates Two-Factor Authentication.
  • In the Two-Factor Authentication screen, enter a 6-digit code from a printed list of codes or delivered by a phone call or text message.
  • Select the Trust this Browser check box if you plan to access these forms again within 30 days.
  • Click Submit.  You can now access and print your forms.

Contact IT support at 513-529-7900 for immediate assistance with Two-Factor Authentication.  Contact the payroll office for questions about your W-2.