Anthem to become Miami's health care provider in 2020

Effective in January 2020, Anthem will become administrator of the Miami health care plan, replacing UMR.

Anthem is one of the largest health care providers in southwestern Ohio and adjacent markets, with a comprehensive network of doctors, hospitals and ambulatory care facilities. There is a 99.2% provider match between the UMR and the Anthem networks, so plan members should be able to keep most of the same care providers if they wish. Anthem receives high marks for customer satisfaction and offers network access to Miami employees and their families.

During the open enrollment period Oct. 7-31, employees will be able to select a plan and find providers available through Anthem’s provider network. 

Miami employees will continue to have access to the same health plan options as in 2019: the preferred provider organization (PPO) or high deductible health plan (HDHP). For those employees who enroll in the HDHP, Miami’s contribution to employees’ health savings accounts (HSA) will also remain the same.

Open enrollment packets should arrive at employee homes by late September prior to the Week of Wellness activities, Sept. 28 to Oct. 4.

The calculation for employee contributions to premiums will remain the same. Faculty and staff can learn more at the Open Enrollment for Benefits website.

To help employees locate and confirm providers, Anthem will offer its Health Guide customer service toll-free information line to Miami employees starting Oct. 1. Employees will have access to a health plan premium calculator as they review the available health plan options.