Miami employees with 15, 25 and 30 years of service were recognized at a recent ceremony.  Some honorees are pictured.
Miami employees with 15, 25 and 30 years of service were recognized at a recent ceremony. Some honorees are pictured. Photo: Jeff Sabo

Miami employees celebrate 15, 25, 30 years of service

President Gregory Crawford congratulated employees during Miami University's recognition ceremony honoring those who have 15, 25 and 30 years of service.

The following employees received recognition for their years of service.

15 Years of Service

Academic Affairs

Robert Balfour, biology; Mitchell Balish, microbiology; Rebecca Balish, microbiology; Ronald Becker, media, journalism & film; Annie-Laurie Blair, media, journalism & film; Michelle Boone, biology; Cynthia Bowman, nursing, Hamilton campus; Christa Branson, College of Arts & Science; Olga Brezhneva, mathematics; Michael Brudzinski, geology & environmental earth science; Samantha Buchholz, theater; Gulen Cevik, architecture & interior design; Susan Cheek, regional business services, Middletown campus; Chi-Hao Cheng, electrical & computer engineering; Yu-Fang Cho, English; Debbie Coleman, marketing; Cynthia Collins, art museum; Brian Danoff, political science; Maria Del Sol Del Teso Craviotto, Spanish & Portuguese; Jamie Dougherty, regional physical facilities, Middletown campus; Donna Evans, computer & information technology; Nancy Ferguson, regional student services, Middletown campus; Paul Flaspohler, psychology; Deborah Fletcher, economics; Paul Foley, university libraries; Carrie Hall, psychology; Benjamin Hamilton, mechanical & manufacturing engineering; Dan Heitger, accountancy; Jeffrey Herdtner, electrical & computer engineering; Jennifer Hill, educational psychology; Xiaowen Huang, management; Erik Jensen, history; Scott Kenworthy, comparative religion; Lei Kerr, chemical, paper & biomedical engineering; Jill Korach, Project Dragonfly; Mark Lacker, Institute for Entrepreneurship; Margaret Luongo, English; Deborah Lyons, classics; Jacob Mabry, regional physical facilities, Middletown campus; Bryan Marshall, political science; David Motta, Spanish & Portuguese; Ruth Orth, regional external relations & communications; Zafer Ozdemir, information systems & analytics; Andrea Parks, sociology & gerontology; Kaara Peterson, English; Gretchen Radler, College of Creative Arts; Jacquelyn Rahman, English; Karl Reiff, mechanical & manufacturing engineering; Gokhan Sahin, electrical & computer engineering; Anne Schauer, Graduate School & research office; Juanita Schrodt, German, Russian, Asian & Middle Eastern languages and cultures; Patrick Schur, information systems & analytics; Helen Sheumaker, history; David Shrider, finance; Carolyn Slotten, family science & social work; Sheila Sparks, university libraries; Cheryl Stewart, speech pathology & audiology; Neal Sullivan, Graduate School & research office; Benjamin Sutcliffe, German, Russian, Asian & Middle Eastern languages & cultures; James Swartz, educational psychology; Cassandra Thompson, regional business services, Hamilton campus; Howard Vail, mathematical & physical sciences; Chen Zhao, Confucius Institute; Kristen Zomchek; College of Arts and Sciences.

Finance and Business Services

Scott Anderson, PFD building & special services; Dylan Barnhart, PFD building & special services; Ludmila Brown, PFD building & special services; Chuck Byrd, campus services, dining; Beth Frey, PFD recreational sports; Denise Gault, PFD building & special services; Pamela Hurley, PFD building & special services; Kenneth Jaehnen, campus services, dining; Paul Jones, PFD grounds; Constance Lathery, campus services, dining; Scott Lessing, PFD energy systems; John McCandless, Miami University Police Department; Cindy Neal, PFD building & special services; Tina Powell, PFD building & special services; Laurie Sampson, campus services administration; Julie Schlichter, PFD administration; Debra Snow, campus services, dining; Sherie Snowden, PFD Goggin Ice Center; Shauna Vonderheide, PFD building & special services; Sarrah Zimmerman, campus services, dining.

Enrollment Management and Student Success

Linsey Buehner, student financial assistance; Sandra Burger, Center for Career Exploration & Success; Angela Coffey, Enrollment Management; Jerrad Harrison, One Stop Services; James Payne, Enrollment Management; Diane Taylor, office of the bursar.

Information Technology Services

Ricardo Maduro, IT services; Brenda Stout, IT services; Jeffrey Toaddy, IT services.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Ricardo Rosas, tennis.

University Advancement

Emily Berry, university advancement; Mackenzie Becker Rice, university advancement.

University Communications and Marketing

Jeri Moore, university communications; Karen O’Hara, university communications.

25 Years of Service

Academic Affairs

Luis Actis, microbiology; April Adams, management; Thomas Crist, biology; Danny Cross, biology; S. Mark Cybulski, chemistry & biochemistry; Mark DeGennaro, art museum; Beth Dietz, psychology and social & behavioral sciences; Thomas Featherstone, theatre; Daniel Gladish; biological sciences, Hamilton campus; Matthew Gordon, history; Sharon Henrichsen, art; Jonathan Levy; Institute for the Environment & Sustainability; Xiuwu Liu, Western Program; Mark McKinney, French & Italian; Pamela Renner, information technology support, Hamilton campus; Donna Richardson, university libraries; Mohelia Rojas-Miesse, Spanish & Portuguese; Homayun Sidky, anthropology; Martha Smith, regional physical facilities, Hamilton campus; Ann Sobel, computer science & software engineering; Gerald Steelman, regional dean’s office; John Tassoni, English & languages, literatures and writing; Walter Vanderbush, global & intercultural studies; Aimin Wang, educational psychology; Beverly Wells, College of Engineering & Computing; Ian Yeboah, geography.

Finance and Business Services

Sherri Bowling, campus services, housing & meal plans; Lettie Brandenburg, treasury services; Donna Davis, campus services, dining; Marsha Doran, campus services, dining; Mary Ferneding, campus services, bookstore; Stephanie Hartman, campus services, dining; David Hoelle, PFD utility enterprise; Kirk Hopkins, finance & business services, information technology; Gary Kraft, payroll services; Anna McIlvaine, PFD building & special services; Roberta Moore, campus services, dining; Susan Ridenour-Marcum, PFD building & special services; George Salem, finance & business services, information technology; Michael Smith, PFD planning, architecture & engineering; Muriel Taylor, payroll services; Eddie Wagers, campus services, dining; Amy Wentzell, campus services, catering; John Winkler, environmental health & safety.

Information Technology Services

Dean Harris, IT services; Leah Harris, IT services.

President’s Office

Robin Parker, general counsel.

Student Life

Karen Kammer, student health service.

30 Years

Academic Affairs

Tammy Allen, languages, literatures & writing, Middletown campus; Cathy Bishop-Clark, College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science; Garry Bowyer, education & society; Alan Cady, biological sciences, Middletown campus; Deborah Caudill, art museum; Mary Jean Corbett, English; Patrick Dowling, mathematics; Gwendolyn Franz, biology; Benjamin Gung, chemistry & biochemistry; Janet Hurn, regional dean’s office; Lori Isaacson, biology; Christopher Makaroff, College of Arts & Science; T.M. Rajkumar, information systems & analytics; Prosper Raynold, economics; David Sholle, media, journalism & film; Ron Stevens, art; Janardan Subedi, sociology & gerontology; Shubhasree Subedi, social & behavioral sciences; Michael Vanni, biology; Christopher Wolfe, psychology.

Finance and Business Services

Detra Black, PFD recreational sports; Phillip Embs, PFD building maintenance; Richard Hoelle, campus services, central food stores; Terrance Ponder, procurement; Fred Rader, PFD grounds; Lorry Staton, PFD building & special services; Ronda Strunk, PFD Goggin Ice Center; Vernetta Wyatt, campus services, dining.

Information Technology Services

Ericka Davidge, IT services.

Intercollegiate Athletics

Dawn Clark, football.