Winter break leave reporting

Unclassified Staff: Please be aware that when completing your December and January leave reports, special consideration must be taken for the following days.

Paid holidays are the following days. Do not report vacation for these days:

·  December 21

·  December 22

·  December 23

·  December 25

·  December 28

·  December 29

The University is closed on the following days and you are to report vacation for these days unless required to work.

·  December 24

·  December 30

·  December 31

If you are approved or required to work one or more of these days, do not report vacation and add a comment to the leave report indicating which days that you did work.

NOTE:  When submitting the January 2021 report do not report vacation for the January 1 holiday.

For more detailed information, please see the attached Frequently Asked Questions or contact either of the following offices for assistance:

 Academic Personnel, Room 1, Roudebush Hall, 529-6724

 Human Resources, Room 15, Roudebush Hall, 529-3131