Financial Aid for Summer Term

Summer aid is based on any remaining financial aid eligibility from the current academic year. Aid is determined once a student registers for summer courses, has a FAFSA on file, and has completed all outstanding requirements.

Generally, students are only eligible for additional federal student loan funds if they have the number of hours required to advance in grade level by the end of the spring semester and are enrolled at least half time. If all federal student loan eligibility has been exhausted, the student may want to consider a Federal Direct PLUS loan or a private loan.

Students who received a Federal Pell Grant for the fall and/or spring semester may be eligible for an additional Pell Grant for summer study, depending on their enrollment status during the fall and spring semester.

Students cannot use their Miami scholarships for a summer term. Starting in April each year, students are notified of their eligibility for summer financial aid upon registering for summer classes.

Aid for students that transfer during a summer term will be based on any remaining financial aid eligibility from the previous fall and spring semesters. A FAFSA from the current year must be on file (unless applying for a private loan only) and all aid requirements must be complete.