Faculty and Staff Payroll Deductions

All benefit-eligible faculty and staff may elect to sign up for payroll deduction in order to have charging privileges on campus. If you sign up for payroll deduction, you agree to allow the University to deduct any and all charges from your next available paycheck.

How do I sign up for payroll deduction?

To sign up, fill out the Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction form. Submissions will be reviewed and completed within 1-2 business days.

Can I cancel payroll deduction?

Employees retain the right to revoke the payroll deduction agreement at any time; however, charges already incurred will remain due and payable, and will be deducted from the employee’s next paycheck. To cancel payroll deduction, complete the Request to Cancel Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction form.

What can I charge?

Payroll deduction can be used to charge meals at any on-campus dining location (a 10% discount is given when you use your ID Card), vending machines, on-campus bookstore purchases, long distance telephone calls, Miami Box Office Tickets (Theater, Performing Arts, etc.), athletic tickets, and other miscellaneous charges.

Where can I see a list of charges?

Payroll deduction charges will appear in the “University Charges” category on your check stub. To see a breakdown of charges for meals, vending and the bookstore, log into MyCard and click on “Account Balance.” Then, click on “Payroll Deduction.” All other charges can be seen in the Student Account Center. If you have any questions about payroll deduction charges, please email onestop@miamioh.edu.

Can I pay in installments?

Installment repayment arrangements may be made at the time of the purchase for a rec center membership, tuition and fees, educational material from the bookstore, and athletic tickets. All other purchases, including but not limited to telecommunications charges (such as cell phone usage), meal and vending purchases, event ticket purchases, catering, and apparel and gift purchases, are due and payable from the employee’s next paycheck.

Employees who take classes may elect to pay education expenses (tuition, related fees, and books) over a three month period based on pay period. Employees who are paid bi-weekly will have fees split out over 6 pay periods; employees who are paid monthly will have fees split out over 3 pay periods. There is a minimum educational purchase of $50 and the employee must be signed up for payroll deduction in order to be eligible. If the employee has a dependent taking courses at Miami, the employee can also include the cost of the dependent’s books in the three month installment.

In order to elect the installment program, please visit the Education Installment Payment Agreement form. The agreement must be completed each semester after registration is completed and/or books are purchased. Please contact bursaradmin@miamioh.edu with any questions.