RedHawk Refunds

RedHawk Refunds is a free, convenient service that provides a quicker way to access financial aid refunds, student account refunds, or other funds owed to you by Miami. After a credit appears on your account statement (indicated as "( )" on the account summary), the refunding process will begin within 14 days. Upon completion of the refund processing, your refund will be deposited directly into your bank account at any bank in the United States in 3-4 days. In comparison, refunds issued by check are usually received in 7-10 days.*

Signing up for RedHawk Refunds is easy and only takes a few minutes

  • Log in to your myMiami student portal. Under the “My Bill and Aid" tab, click on the “RedHawk Refunds” section to enter your checking and savings information.

Please note that students must sign up for RedHawk Refunds; family members and other authorized individuals are not able to sign up on behalf of the student when logged in to view the student's record.

The RedHawk Refunds service is provided via services offered by Tuition Management Systems (TMS). Students do not need an account at a specific bank in order to participate in RedHawk Refunds. For questions regarding RedHawk Refunds setup, please contact TMS Support at 1-888-722-4867.

*If you opt to receive your refund by check, it will be sent to your local address during the fall and spring semesters and your permanent address for summer and winter terms. If you are not sure what address you have on file with Miami, please check BannerWeb, and update it if necessary.