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Major Insight Episode 11 : How Borders Affect Our Perception of the World
Featured Majors: History, Arabic, Middle East and Islamic Studies
Major Insight Episode 10 : Saving all Species from Extinction with Environmental Science
Featured Majors: Environmental Earth Science, Environmental Science, Sustainability, Geographic Information Science
Major Insight Episode 9: Using Political Science to Fight for Social Change
Featured Majors: Political Science, Special Education, Social Justice Studies
Major Insight Episode 8: The Linguistics of Eco-poetics, The Environment, and You
Featured Majors: French, Linguistics, German
Major Insight Ep 7: Cracking the Code on a Career in Genetics
Featured Majors: Biology, Bioinformatics
Major Insight Ep 6: How to Become a Local Civic Leader
Featured Majors Anthropology, Public Administration, Political Science, History
Major Insight Ep 5: LGBTQ+ Activism Through Art and Literature
Featured Majors: Classical Humanities; Creative Writing; Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Major Insight Ep 4: Unraveling the National Debate on Healthcare
Featured Majors and Minors: Economics, Political Science, Spanish
Major Insight Ep 3: How Collecting Sneakers Becomes a Career
Featured Majors: Architecture, Brand Design