ENT Student Success Guide

This page includes important information to prepare Engineering Technology students to success on the path to graduation.

For additional guidance related to your life at Miami such courses you take, course registration, job search and other academic areas, please consult with your academic advisors at ENT.

ENT Instructors, Advisors, and Staff

Learn more about your ENT Faculty and Staff. ENT faculty have many research opportunities that might work for you. You might get a chance to work with one of our faculty in their respected research areas including but not limited to robotics, engineering materials and design, aerodynamics and thermal-fluid sciences, electro-mechanical applications, and many more…

Academic Deadlines and Important Dates

Regularly check Miami University Academic Calendar for important deadlines and dates through academic year. 

ENT Majors and Certificates

The ENT Department offers many academic programs and engineering certificates.

Register for Classes

For any questions related to registration at Miami University, visit the OneStop website. Miami's OneStop is the place for any questions related to registration. 

Access Your Degree Audit (DAR)

DAR is the place where you should regularly check your current status on the path to your graduation. You can see how many courses left until you graduation, which courses you must take, and so on. Visit the OneStop website to learn more about accessing your DAR. 

Academic Advising

ENT Faculty and Staff provides academic advising opportunities. You should keep in touch with your assigned academic advisors (ENT Faculty) and Regionals Academic Advising

Re-enroll at Miami

Let’s assume you have to have a break from your studies at Miami University for certain time period, and you decided to come back and resume your studies. In this scenario, you will need to re-enroll at Miami. Learn more about re-enrolling to Miami University

Registration Override Request (ROR)

If the course you like to enroll reaches its maximum student capacity, you will need to apply for the ROR.

Apply for Financial Aid

Miami OneStop is the place for any questions related to financial aid. ENT also supports students with many scholarship and paid assistantship opportunities. 

Career Services and Professional Development

Learn about Career services and Professional Development as well as job opportunities. 

For any extra help and guidance on your courses and life at Miami

Miami University Regionals Tutoring and Learning Center

TRIO Student Support Services is a program for eligible Miami Hamilton and Middletown students seeking a bachelor's degree. TRIO student success coaches can support you with academics, building your student resume, career planning, guidance on applying for graduate school, a community of fellow students, and much more. TRIO also offers a $1000 scholarship to eligible selected students. 

ENT Scholarships and Assistantship Opportunities

ENT offers many prestigious scholarship and assistantship opportunities.

Miami University Work+ Program to Support Student Education and Tuition

Miami University Regionals has a Work+ program where eligible Regionals Students (including ENT students) can have the opportunity to work for a company in their area of study, plus financial help (tuition payment, hourly wage) while they continue their education at Miami.

Miami University Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan

Miami University partners with AETNA for student health insurance.

Stay updated about Engineering Technology

Miami University Regionals Engineering Technology has a Facebook page. ENT shares some updates and information in these social pages.

For Bachelor’s degree seeking students: Senior design course and projects

In Senior Design courses, teams typically consist of two or three students. The projects are usually defined based on one or several of the following factors:1) Students' interest area, 2) Students' employer interest area, 3) ENT faculty research and teaching interest. 

Senior design project analysis

Projects include design, development and test procedure in general. Projects should include not only design but also more detailed research and background. Even a very simple (or random) idea can be a good research and project as long as it is performed in a good scientific way including analytical calculations, simulations and physical tests (see OREO cookie research). 

Students should have some analytical components in their analysis in addition to experiments and computer simulations and writing computer codes as part of their project.