Expectations for Program Coordinators at Distance Sites

Map of distance site locations across the State of Ohio

Revised: 03/05/2015

This document provides a summary of the expectations we have for program coordinators at our distance sites. Distance coordinators will: 

  1. Maintain familiarity with the Miami program (admission requirements, curriculum requirements, etc.).
  2. Maintain communication with Miami Distance Coordinator about schedule, classes, updates, inclement weather, and other important information.
  3. Advise students at their site who are enrolled in the Miami program.
  4. Maintain current curriculum handouts (or web site access) and copies of necessary documents and advising forms (application for admission, petition forms, change of major forms for declaring thematic sequence, add/drop forms, ENT Student Handbook, and Miami Bulletin)
  5. Identify and secure space for laboratory equipment required for the program.
  6. Work with instructors and MU distance coordinator to inventory lab equipment at the beginning and end of the semester. Assure correct laboratory equipment is available for use by students in the Miami program. Inform the Department of Engineering Technology if items are needed. Consult inventory lists provided by Miami.
  7. Assure that distance connections are established, equipment is working properly, and necessary classrooms are scheduled. See check sheet on this page.
  8. Inform students at their site about the Miami program. This includes making recruiting literature available in areas generally frequented by students and informing their engineering technology students about the program.
  9. Represent Miami at appropriate transfer days and other recruiting events as needed.
  10. Work with faculty to administer tests to students when needed (faculty will provide test at least one week in advance).
  11. Help administer student evaluations.
  12. Assist with Program Assessment as needed.
Distance Equipment and IVDL Operation Check Sheet
Item Checked by Comments
IVDL Connection
Remote control
Document camera
VCR/DVD Player
Computer (including monitor, mouse, and peripherals)
Fax machine
Contact list is present and updated