Vibrations Lab

vibration equipment
Vibration equipment
Vibration equipment

Director: Dr. Vipul Ranatunga

Location: Thesken Hall, Room 11

The Mechanical Vibration Lab on the Middletown campus provides hands-on experience with instrumentation used for vibration monitoring and modal analysis. The lab is equipped with a mass-spring-damper system to study the effect of structural stiffness and damping on mechanical vibrations. This system has a sophisticated excitation scheme to simulate various types of vibrations such as periodic sinusoidal vibrations, random vibrations, as well as impact and user-defined vibration signals. During the laboratory exercises, students utilize this setup to understand the free and forced vibrations and the effect of damping on vibration suppression under resonant conditions.

Another exciting laboratory instrument in the mechanical vibration lab is the electro-magnetic vibration shaker and the control system. This system provides hands-on experience with modal analysis. Test objects can be mounted on top of the vibration shaker to study the resonant frequencies and modal shapes.

Mechanical vibration lab is equipped with numerous accelerometers, displacement sensors, velocity transducers, hand-held vibrometers, etc. to provide a comprehensive coverage of instrumentation used in vibration monitoring, control, and isolation. Students taking Topics in Mechanical Vibrations (ENT 416) use this laboratory to acquire the practical experience with instrumentation related to mechanical vibrations.

List of Laboratory Equipment:

  • ECP-310 Mass-Spring-Damper System
  • LDS Electro-Magnetic Vibration Shaker
  • Rotational system instrumented with various vibration measurement sensors to demonstrate the shaft vibration, monitoring, and control
  • Hand-held vibro-meter to measure displacement, velocity, and acceleration
  • Piezoelectric Accelerometers, non-contact type eddy-current displacement sensors, rotary encoders, etc. for vibration measurement
  • Elastomeric and spring-mounted vibration isolation devices