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Each year, first day of school for new first-years also brings in fundraising haul for the university
#MoveInMiami has become one of the most significant one-day fundraising events in the university's history, last year bringing in more than $38,000 to the Regionals from 369 individual gifts.
One year later: 2020 Miami University Regionals' grads land on their feet
Thanks to a global pandemic, the unemployment rate in April 2020 stood at 14.7 percent with 33.5 million Americans filing for unemployment aid. A year later, that rate stands at 6.1 percent, with companies finding new ways to do business and hiring back workers on furlough because of COVID-19 more quickly than expected.
Kentucky native is the inspiration for new scholarship opportunity
Baker has been involved with O'Tucks for many years. She collaborated with local community members to raise funds to endow scholarships at the Hamilton Campus.
COVID crisis forced changes, but also brought stronger connections
While the coronavirus upended normal campus life over the past year, it has also brought new chances to connect by forcing us to think in fresh ways about what connection means when we can't see each other face-to-face.
Family recipe inspires cookbook that traces the Italian heritage of Regionals professor
Recipe swapping is a beloved tradition in many families. For the family of Associate Professor in Commerce Mary Kovach, however, it has turned into a bestselling cookbook capturing authentic Italian dishes dating back over 100 years.
Miami University Regionals E-Campus named among top in the nation in the 2020 Collegiate Advertising Awards Program
Miami Regionals E-Campus team has been honored with a silver award in the 2020 Collegiate Advertising Awards competition.
Michael Glass Receives 2021 Nursing Graduate of the Last Decade Award
Born in Hawaii into a Navy family, Michael Glass credits his father's 25-year career as a Corpsman for sparking his interest in healthcare, and his mother's example as a seeker of knowledge and wisdom.
Miami Regionals graduate to continue educational experience with summer internship in Brazil
But unlike many of his classmates, when Baumlein, a commerce major, crosses the stage with the Class of 2021 his education will continue with the next step in his journey: a three-month internship in logistics and the import/export business with Grupo Pinho in Brazil.
Nursing alumni spotlight on Nichole Lawson
As a single teenage mother living in her car (with her two-year old son), Nichole Lawson didn’t have many options available before finding Miami University Regionals.