Certificate Requirements

About the Regional Leadership Co-Curricular Certificate 

The Regional Leadership Co-Curricular Certificate Program is an experience that challenges participants to examine leadership from several perspectives and reflect on their personal leadership. Some of these requirements can be met through participation in other campus activities while other requirements are based on interactions with leaders in the participants’ lives. Many of these requirements are accompanied by a written reflection that must be submitted to complete that requirement.

New for Fall 2022: The Leadership Co-Curricular Certificate Program is moving away from a tiered system to have one set of requirements to complete the program. Additionally, there is no longer a time limit to complete the certificate program (the requirements can be completed over the course of several semesters). 

Students are able to participate in programs at the Regionals, in Oxford, and in the community to complete the certificate program, through partnership between the Regional Office of Student Activities & Orientation (ROSA) and Wilks Leadership Institute (Oxford).

There is no fee to participate in the Certificate program*.

*Students may choose to use leadership courses or leadership programs that have associated tuition and fees, but students are able to complete the program without choosing fee-based programs to complete requirements.

This co-curricular program is non-credit bearing and will not show up on a curricular transcript. However, it can be referenced on resumes and participants will receive paper certificates of achievement for each tier they achieve.

Apply for the Leadership Certificate Program

Regional Leadership Co-Curricular Certificate Requirements

  • Apply to the Leadership Certificate Program
    • You will be added to the Leadership Certificate Canvas Course after you apply.
  • Complete Pre-Assessment in Canvas 
  • Complete CliftonStrengths Assessment - FREE code provided through ROSA office.
  • Complete Strengths Activity
  • This can include a Strengths Workshop Program, a self-guided Strengths workshop, or a 1:1 Strengths Coaching session.
  • Complete 12 Leadership Activities & Submit Post-Activity Reflection in Canvas.
  • Submit Leadership Philosophy Statement
  • Complete Post-Assessment and Application to Complete Certificate


Examples of Leadership Activities

Lessons of Leadership (LoL)

ROSA will offer 1 Lesson of Leadership per month for a total of 4 times per fall/spring semester. Each LoL will be streamed to both Hamilton and Middletown campuses. For upcoming sessions, visit the Fall 2021 Dates page or search “Lessons of Leadership” on The Hub.

Leadership Lunches (LL)

ROSA will offer 1 Leadership Lunch per month for a total of 4 times per fall/spring semester. Each LL will be hosted on only one campus per month and will rotate each month. 

Speakers will rotate between students, staff, faculty, and community members who will share their leadership stories. For upcoming sessions, visit the Fall 2021 Dates page or search “Leadership Lunch” on The Hub.

Leadership Philosophy

The purpose of this certificate is to have built a cohesive and comprehensive leadership philosophy that student leaders can communicate to future employers and colleagues. As such, the certificate is set up for these leaders to start to develop the language and experience to develop their own statement.

  • Tier 1: Draft a Leadership Philosophy Statement
    • A leadership philosophy statement can be as long or as short as it takes you to describe the bullet points below. This should take into consideration all of the events you have participated in over the semester.
      • Who you are as a leader
      • Your values in leadership
      • Expectations of a leader
  • Tier 2: Review & Revise Leadership Philosophy Statement
    • As you are reflecting on what you wrote in a previous semester,  think about what you need to change. Did you grow as a leader? Have your values changed- why? This submission may be similar or completely different from a previous semester’s submission, however, it should not be identical.
  • Tier 3: Disseminate Leadership Philosophy Statement to Mentor on Campus
    • Now that you have had time to put your thoughts to your own words (and hopefully revised a time or two or ten!), it’s time to share it with a mentor. A mentor can be any Miami University faculty or staff member. Your reflection comments from this meeting with your mentor should be submitted, along with your potentially revised philosophy statement.
  • Tier 4: Talk with Tier 1 & 2 Participants About their Leadership Philosophy Statement
    • Now it’s time to share far and wide! Set up a meeting with a 1st or 2nd tier Leadership Certificate participant. (You can get a contact list from ROSA.) How do they feel about your philosophy? What do they dis/agree with? How has your time at Miami University Regionals/ this program affected how your philosophy has changed? You should submit your reflections from this meeting along with a revised copy of your philosophy statement.

Strengths Events

ROSA will offer 2 Strengths Events per fall/spring semester. These events are focused on students learning about their Gallup Strengths. Each strengths event will be only offered on one campus (not streamed). These will be ½ day events.

Strengths coaching above tier 1 is done on an individual basis with an approved Leadership Certificate Professional Staff Member. Please reach out to ROSA to schedule yours!

Student Organization Officer Training (SOOT)

ROSA offers 1 SOOT every week throughout the semester, with the exception of Welcome Week, Finals Week, and Holiday Weeks. These events are focused on students learning leadership through a group lens. All SOOTs are streamed on both Hamilton and Middletown campuses that take place from 12:45-1:30pm.

  • Learn more about SOOT dates & topics.
  • SOOT attendance can only be counted towards 1 organization at a time. For example, if you are representing a student organization one week, it cannot also count towards your certificate tier completion.

Student Organization Membership

For the purpose of this certificate, ROSA considers "student organization membership" to include:

  • Joining a registered student organization
  • Being listed as a member on the HUB

Diversity Event

For the purpose of this certificate, ROSA considers “diversity event” to include:

  • Any event that is hosted by the Regional Office of Diversity & Multicultural Affairs
  • An event that includes debriefing on a topic of diversity *petitioning is required for this option

Submissions must include a 1-page description of the event or activity, and a reflection on what leadership the participant both saw in others and portrayed at the event.

Service Project

For the purpose of this certificate, ROSA considers “service project” to include:

  • Any philanthropy or community-service based event or activity

Submissions must include a 1-page description of the event or activity, and a reflection on what leadership the participant both saw in others and portrayed at the event.

Career Exploration

For the purpose of this certificate, ROSA considers “career exploration” to include:

  • An interview or meeting with a leader in the career path of the participant’s choosing

Submissions must include a 2-3 page reflection on the interaction with a leader in a career field. Be sure to ask about their leadership style and how the find it beneficial in what they do as a career!

Leadership Book

For the purpose of this certificate, ROSA considers “leadership book” to include:

  • Any book that is 50+ pages and discusses some kind of leadership

Submissions must include a 2-3 page reflection on what the participant learned from the book and how it affects their view of leadership.

You can also request a leadership book from the ROSA Library. Please fill out the Leadership Book Request Form.

Independent Study

For the purpose of this certificate, ROSA considers “independent study” to include:

  • 10-15 hours of leadership work

Submissions must include a 1 page description of what project was completed, and a sheet signed by the project supervisor. All participants in this stage should meet with ROSA to determine if they qualify.

Additional Information about Requirements

  • Examples of Leadership Activities include (but not limited to): attending workshops/lectures (campus or community) that focus on leadership topics, diversity events that develop leadership skills, leadership roles in campus or community organizations, participating in service activity that impacts one area listed in the UN Sustainable Development Model, reading leadership development books
  • At least 4 activities should including Leadership Lunches, Lessons of Leadership, SOOTs, or other ROSA sponsored Leadership Programs
  • Students should select programs that are most in line with their passion areas
  • No more than 3 activities can be reused (i.e. volunteer/service experience, leadership in an organization, etc.)
  • No more than 3 activities can be associated with paid employment