Non-University Users

Access to space in the Armstrong Student Center is scheduled based upon the type of organization making the request. Reservations must be in the name of the organization sponsoring, marketing/advertising, paying for and implementing the event. Reservations may not be made by anyone on behalf of anyone else and reservations may not be transferred to another entity.

Fronting is prohibited. Fronting is the act of concealing or misleading the identity of the true host of the event due to non-eligibility for use of facilities, reservation timeline advantage, monetary exemptions or other policies of the Armstrong Student Center or Miami University. Users who misrepresent an event or affiliation may incur additional charges and may have reservation privileges restricted or suspended.

The primary mission of the Armstrong Student Center is to serve the needs of students, student organizations and Miami University. Student Organizations and University Departments have priority for reservations during the fall and spring semesters. 

Non-university users may reserve space for the following academic year beginning on May 1. Reservations in the Fritz Pavilion must be for the full or half (A/B, C) of the room until after May 14.

During non-academic periods, winter and summer terms:

  • Events may be scheduled one year in advance
  • Weddings may only be scheduled in Armstrong during non-Academic periods, winter, and summer terms - and no earlier than the first day of the month that is 18 months in advance (19 months for Miami Mergers).
  • Conference and Event Services may schedule events at any time

Space reservations (including the Armstrong Student Center), catering, parking and all of the other specialized details for your visit to Miami University, can be coordinated through the office of Conference and Event Services. Contact them at 513-529-3770.