New EHS Podcast Available

Download Reframe on iTunes today!
Download Reframe on iTunes today!

Reframe, the official podcast of Miami University’s College of Education, Health and Society (EHS), is now available through iTunes. With dozens of episodes already produced, Reframe features in-depth stories and interviews with the faculty, students, and alumni who are passionate about making a positive difference in society.

So far, the podcast has highlighted the importance of a unique community-based partnership between Miami students and local high-needs urban schools, why courtroom custody battles are becoming a serious issue for many transgender children and their families, and how the disconnect between schools and politicians is creating a broken educational policy system.

Other topics have included the growing importance of teaching STEM to young learners, a new theory that explores the interconnected intricacies of family dynamics, the benefits of building a community garden in low-income neighborhoods, and much more.

The popularity and accessibility of iTunes will help EHS continue to reach a global audience of listeners who are passionate about impacting society in practical and meaningful ways.