META Collective

A Tibetan monk creating a mandala out of colored sand
 Two students sharing a cookie decorated with the Star of David
 Miami student drumming in a park
 Miami students singing in a gospel choir
 Women doing yoga with hands pressed together
 A Miami student wearing an elegant hijab
 Students standing contemplatively on a riverbank
 Students gathered in the dark around a cross and votive candles

Welcome to the META Collective:  Multifaith Engagement for Transformative Action!

We are Miami students, staff, faculty, and other members of the local community.

We differ from each other in the religious beliefs, spiritual practices, or secular philosophies we follow.

We come together, across those differences, to promote inclusion, understanding, and justice for all.

UPDATE: Due to the social distancing measures that Miami University has implemented to help slow the spread of COVID-19, Better Together Week 2020 has been canceled. The information which appears below is now obsolete.

Each year, META Collective organizes "Better Together," a week of programming that provides members of the Miami and Oxford communities with opportunities to engage across lines of religious difference.

This year, Better Together Week will be celebrated at Miami on April 5-11, 2020. This year's theme is Remembering Injustices: Cultivating Appreciative Understanding Across Worldviews.

Students are encouraged to submit proposals for service projects, events, workshops and programs for Better Together Week. Funding is available. The deadline for submitting proposals is February 21.

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