Miamian Fall Winter 2017 cover

Highlighted Measures of Success from 2016-2017:           

  • Collaborated with enrollment management to create ads for each issue of the magazine to help recruit students. Continued a similar collaboration with alumni and development.
  • Mentored student writers, publishing their work in the magazine and adding to their portfolios.
  • Miamian Engagement Survey
    • Engaged/read versus importance
      • Miamian magazine
      • Miami emails/newsletters
      • Alumni Association emails
      • Miami website
      • Alumni Association websiteSocial media/online
    • Leveraging engagement to increase involvement
      • Alumni interested in attending events are highly engaged with Alumni publications and social media
      • The top platforms for this group are
        • Miami e-mail newsletter
        • Miamian magazine
        • Alumni Association email 
        • Miami website