Create a Miami Branded Email Signature

Why is a Branded Email Signature Important?

Using a Miami-branded email signature presents a cohesive, professional look to the recipient and brings about greater brand recognition. Please choose one of the branded templates that we have created to show your Miami pride.


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To add a Miami Logo to your email signature, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Logo and scroll down the page to Downloads. Click on Downloads to expand the section.
  2. Choose the logo or mark you want to add and right-click the link labeled Pre-sized for your Email Signature. (Instead of right-clicking, you can also perform a "control+left click" on a PC, or "command+left click" on a Mac.)
  3. Choose Copy Shortcut, Copy Link, Copy Link Location, or Copy Link Address.Select the link of the image you prefer, right click to see some options to copy that link URL or address
  4. In your email app of choice, you can now add this image to your signature.