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Rae Sanchez receives grant
Rae Sanchez, graduate student, wins Lipman Research Award
Christina Tenison GSA Award
Geology and Environmental Earth Science graduate student awarded GSA funding.
Miami's Scripps researchers find no link between nursing home residents with COVID-19 and facility quality
Bowblis summarized, "These findings show that there is no difference in the probability of having a high caseload of residents with COVID-19 based on the facility quality star rating. "
Caregiving research study seeks families
Scripps Gerontology Center at Miami University is looking for caregiving families to help test an online communication and care coordination resource designed to help families talk and make decisions about caregiving.
Dr. Zhijiang (Justin) Ye and team publish research paper
This work illustrates a fundamental understanding of how mechanical stress affects the self-healing properties of polymers, and the potential for dynamic chemistry to be activated by mechanical forces.
Lei Kerr is inventor on Miami's newest patent
Small enough to fit into a suitcase, the device mimics human breathing and helps determine the toxicity of the smallest particles that enter the nasal cavity, particularly the olfactory region. The research could provide more realistic predictions for drug screening and other potential commercial uses, Kerr said.
Miami receives 5th Beckman Institutional Award for undergraduate research
"We are incredibly proud to be among a select group of schools to have received this award five times," Rick Page, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, said.
E-Fellows in Focus - Dr. Barbara Oswald
Barbara Oswald, PhD shares her research and experience as part of the E-Campus Fellowship program. Throughout her fellowship, Dr. Oswald developed and disseminated as a peer-reviewed teaching resource on the Society for Teaching of Psychology website a set of 15 authentic assessments to use in an online Introduction to Biopsychology or Neuroscience course.
E-Fellows in Focus - Dr. Tracey Hoffman
Tracey Hoffman, PhD shares her research and experience as part of the E-Campus Fellowship program. Throughout her fellowship, Dr. Hoffman researched student perceptions of social presence in online courses within MUR's Prekindergarten Associate degree program.