Fall Pre-Semester Housing

Prior to the start of fall semester, students may request to move into their assigned building and room before the official move-in dates as availability permits. For the most part, pre-semester arrangements are approved for students to move-in to their permanent room assignments as assigned for the academic year. However, due to various summer and construction activities on campus, there is an occasional need to place students into temporary housing assignments until their permanent rooms become available. Any such need for a temporary placement is communicated directly with any student affected.

Sign Up for Fall Pre-Semester Housing

To stay on campus prior to their official move-in day, students must submit a request online. The earliest a student can request to return to campus for Fall 2020 (without an exceptional need) is September 9. However, we understand that some students may have exceptional needs, so we will review those requests on a case by case basis.  Students associated with a group are permitted to arrive earlier, those requests are coordinated through the group contact.

  • Need request to move-in prior to your assigned move in day? Early arrival requests are no longer being accepted for Fall 2020. If you have move-in date/time questions please contact us.

Cost of Fall Pre-Semester Housing

Students who pre-register for pre-semester housing are charged a daily rate based on their tuition promise cohort. A listing of daily rates is available below. Students who do not register for housing and use their card to enter their room are charged $55 per day. All pre-semester housing charges are billed to the student's bursar account.

For Fall 2020, daily charges are waived for anyone arriving starting on Monday September 14, 2020.

Pre-Semester Housing Rates
Tuition Promise Cohort Daily Rate
2016-2017 $37.00
2017-2018 $37.00
2018-2019 $38.00
2019-2020 $39.00
2020-2021 & Non-Cohort $40.00

Check-In Procedure for Fall Pre-Semester Arrival

There is not an official check-in station provided during pre-semester housing. After a student registers for pre-semester housing, room access is assigned to their ID card. When you arrive to campus, please immediately report to the Health Services Building. Miami University is requiring you to stop by the Health Services building located at 421 S. Campus Avenue, Oxford for a brief screening. When you arrive to the parking lot, call 513-529-8564 and one of the TriHealth nurses will come out to you and conduct the screening in your vehicle. The screening will consist of a few questions and a temperature check of all members of your move-in party. Once everyone has passed the screening, you will be provided with a wrist band that you must wear to show clearance when you arrive at your residence hall to move-in. If you are feeling sick or have a fever, please do not report for your move-in time. Contact us and we will make the necessary adjustments.

If you don't have an ID card, then after you have visited the Health Center as stated above, you should come to the Campus Services Center (34 Campus Avenue Building) to pick up your ID card during normal business hours.

Urgent Safety Concerns During Fall Pre-Semester Arrival

Residents staying on campus prior to the start of the semester who need urgent assistance should call either the Miami University Police at 513-529-2222 or the Residence Life staff member on duty at 513-330-2005.