2016 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following Department of Political Science award and scholarship recipients for the 2015-16 academic year!

The Engel Prize in Political Science:

Kelsie White (Rising Senior Recipient)
Ruben Garza (Graduating Senior Recipient)

The Engel Prizes in Political Science were established in 1997 through the generosity of Alan and Sondra Engel. The nomination and selection of awardees is made by faculty teaching courses in the area of law and public affairs.  This is given for outstanding promise in the field of law and public affairs to one rising senior and one graduating senior, with a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary, as well as a monetary prize.  Alan Engel was a member of the Department of Political Science from 1960-1997 when he retired at the rank of Professor. He was very active in university faculty governance and served for many years as one of Miami’s premier pre-law advisors.

Howard White Award:

Diana Alvarado Sophia Fedeli Jacob Hensh Richard O'Connor
Alexander Belman Katherine Ferry Jacob Hensh Maria O'Keeffe
Matthew Brandys Kirsten Fowler Kayla Kaltenecker Julia Prus
Robert Carmichael Ruben Garza Martin Kerscher Kevin Schrock
Kyle Denman Elizabeth Goodman Shannon LaGassa David Streby
Kean Devine Rachel Goulder James Lovinggood Emma Szczupakiewicz
Wesley Dockery Colin Greig Nathan Mandrell Lydia Webb
Jacob Eishen Olivia Grieszmer Amy Natoce

Howard White was chairman of the Department of Government at Miami University from 1927 to 1958. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the American Political Science Association from 1938-1941, and President of the Midwest Conference of Political Scientists from 1942-1946. He served as a delegate to the European Conference of Professors of International Law and Relations in 1926 and was a member of the Heidelberg International Workshop on the Social Studies in 1950. In 1959 he participated as a delegate to the Atlantic Council in London, and was also involved in the 5th NATO Parliamentarians Conference in Washington. Active in state and local government and author of many publications, Dr. White had a truly distinguished career as a political scientist.  This award recognizes seniors who have excelled in their scholarship and leadership.

David S. McLellan Award:

Alexa Askari Madeline DiFilippo Drake Long Hannah Shepherd
Amanda Bruno Addie Fries Patrick O'Malley Caleb Stidham
Alexander Cary Riley Kane Ayesh Perera Bradshaw Terrace
Kyle Chance Nicole Laking Alison Preissing Kelsi White
Samuel Colleran Tommy Lei In Hong John Prusakowski

Born in 1924, David S. McLellan possessed a sharp intellect and remarkable fortitude that produced a noted scholar of international relations and a widely admired teacher who touched the lives of countless of students.  Dr. McLellan's path-breaking research on operational codes of political leaders resulted in critically acclaimed biographies of Secretaries of State Dean Acheson and Cyrus Vance.  David McLellan retired from teaching at Miami in 1990.  This award is given to juniors whose overall academic record and work in the department of political science’s three majors has been outstanding.

Sara C. Glosik Scholarship:

Amanda Bruno

Sara Glosik was a native of Brecksville, Ohio, and was a junior at Miami University majoring in Political Science and Finance. She was involved in a number of campus activities, including the lecture board and the multicultural council. She was also an active member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority. She died an untimely death at the age of 20 in a car accident over Easter weekend of 2002, and her family, friends, and sorority sisters have endowed this scholarship in her memory.  This scholarship is based on academic merit and is awarded to one or more undergraduate students majoring in political science who are rising juniors or seniors.

Irma Karmol Memorial Scholarship:

Deanna Krokos
Christine Ostrosky
Rachel Tracy

This scholarship was established in honor of Irma Karmol, who represented the 44th District in the Ohio House of Representatives. Mrs. Karmol was killed in an automobile accident in 1979, while serving her third term in the state legislature. A former social worker and teacher, she was a ranking Republican on the House Finance and Appropriations Committee and the House Energy and Environment Committee.  Mrs. Karmol’s children are all Miami alumni: David ’75, Jeff ’76, Beth Ann ’80, and Jim ’83. This scholarship is based on merit and is awarded preferably to an upper-level female student majoring in political science.

Gary Best Memorial  Scholarship:

Paul Fredrick

The Gary L. Best Memorial Award was established by the Department of Government in 1966 to confer high honor upon a student of distinguished scholarship and professional promise. This award pays tribute to the memory of a good friend and colleague, who served at Miami from 1961 until his death in 1964. This award honors the qualities of outstanding scholarship, excellence in teaching, and personal merit reflected in his undergraduate education at Bradley, in his doctoral studies at Northwestern, and in his career as a political scientist at Oregon, Stanford, and Miami. This scholarship is awarded to a student who is a rising senior majoring in Political Science who demonstrates excellence and an interest and promise in teaching.

Atlee Pomerene Prize:

Gabe Levine

Atlee Pomerene was a graduate of Princeton and the Cincinnati Law School (1886). He became Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, and the General Assembly elected him to the U.S. Senate in 1911. He was largely responsible for framing the historic Webb-Pomerene Act (exempting exporters from the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts), and played a major role in punishing the offenders and rectifying the mischief involved in the Teapot Dome scandals. Later, he became Chairman of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1933) and chaired the Ohio Convention that ratified the repeal of the 18th Amendment. This prize is awarded to a student who is a rising senior who demonstrates high scholarship generally in collegiate courses, high scholarship in courses of government, and civic leadership evidenced by participation in community affairs, either on or off campus.

Augustus J. "Gus" Jones, Jr. Memorial Scholarship:

Lauren Elliott

Ohio Public Leader Fellows:

Brian Beaudry Addie Fries Natalie Roberts Kelsi White
Riley Cook Colin Greig Kevin Schrock
Libby Edwards Kyle Mortimer Olivia Vandervoort

The Ohio Public Leaders program provides students with a practical, co-curricular experience that enhances their understanding of the inner-workings of state and local government institutions. Students emerge prepared for success in the arena of public leadership while host organizations benefit from engaging with outstanding young talent. Watch what they had to say about their experiences. (video)

Pi Sigma Alpha Initiates:

Alexa Askari Addie Fries Tommy Lei In Hong Kelsi White
Abigail Burke Cameron Garczyk Caleb Lovell Natalie Williams
Quinton Couch Colin Greig Christine Ostrosky
Kyle Denman James LaPolla Bradshaw Terrace

Pi Sigma Alpha was founded in 1920 at the University of Texas in Austin to encourage and recognize superior achievement in the study of government and politics at the undergraduate and graduate level. It remains the only recognized college honor society in the discipline of political science.

Phi Beta Kappa:

Matthew Brandys Kayla Kaltenecker Kevin Schrock Taylor Valley
Wesley Dockery Amy Natoce Emily Scharrett
Lizzy Goodman Julia Prus Emma Szczupakiewicz

Seasongood Good Government Foundation Fellowship:

Olivia Vandervoort (awardee)
Alex Calabro (nominee)
Addie Fries (nominee)

Since 1975, the Seasongood Foundation has sponsored summer internships with the City of Cincinnati for both undergraduate and graduate students who have a keen interest in local government. This internship program embodies Seasongood's purposes to "establish internships in local government" and to "attract able young people to government". By working within City offices, the interns get a glimpse of the day to day operations of the city, and how they might fit in with the system in the future.

Departmental Honors:

Robert Carmichael
Kyle Denman
Sophia Fedeli
Kevin Schrock

Students with an overall grade point average of 3.5 and above, and a 3.7 GPA in the POL, DGP, or PA major, who are at the end of their third year or beginning of their fourth year, are invited to declare their intent to pursue Departmental Honors in Political Science to be completed during their fourth year. Students who may be finishing their degree in 3 years may also apply for their final year. Students must have at least 9 hours in political science coursework at a 300 level or above.

Maher Zouhary Undergraduate Award:

Sophia Fedeli

Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship:

John Steele

International Studies Perspectives, Editorial Assistant:

Amanda Bruno