Auditions for Voice

A woman stands in front of a grand piano and faces the audience as she sings at a vocal recital. Her accompanist is seen in the background.
Closeup of a section of singers in a Glee Club Collegiate Chorale joint concert
A woman sings a solo with the symphony orchestra at a Chinese New Year concert
 Side view of 3 male soloists at a Glee Club concert

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Undergraduate Requirements

Perform from memory two classical works.

  • One selection must be in English, one must be in another language.

An accompanist will be available, or you may bring your own. Recorded accompaniments are not permitted.

The audition will include a brief test of sight-reading, ear training examples and a brief interview.

Appropriate audition repertoire may be found in the solo and ensemble lists published by the Ohio Music Education Association. Please feel free to contact a voice faculty member at Miami with any repertoire questions.

Graduate Requirements

Master of Music in Performance

Audition repertoire for singers must be memorized and must include five selections of both songs and arias. Works in English, German, French, and Italian are required. In addition to the prepared solos, the audition will include a brief test of sight reading and tonal memory.