Evaluation of the Miami University Innovation and Interdisciplinary Dream Keepers Project: A Grow-Your Own Initiative (2015 - 2018)

Focus Area: College and Career Readiness

Project Description: The Dream Keepers Program (DK) is a college and career readiness initiative that targets high-achieving multicultural students in urban school districts in the greater Cincinnati Area. Miami University faculty and undergraduates collaborate with local educators to engage high school students in a series of sessions designed to enhance key dimensions of college readiness (e.g., cognitive strategies, self-management, and college knowledge). While DK assists students in enrolling in the college of their choice, the primary goal of the program is to instill in students, skills needed for successful college completion and graduation. The Discovery Center assists in collecting perceptual data from participating high school students, college student mentors, and high school site facilitators, as part of the DK Program evaluation. Data is collected prior to, during, and after participation in program activities. Referenced below is a post-questionnaire developed for participating high school students asking participants to reflect on their future higher education plans, including their preparedness for attending college.

Product/Publication: High School College and Career Readiness Post-Questionnaire, Spring 2016 (see Resources Library)