Evaluation of the Miami University Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Statewide Mental Health First Aid Capacity project (2014 - 2019)

Focus Area: Non-Academic Barriers to Learning

Project Description: The Making Ohio AWARE project, is a collaboration among the Ohio Department of Education, the Center for School-Based Mental Health Programs (Miami University), the Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success, as well as several state Educational Service Centers (ESCs). The project focuses on raising awareness of mental health needs among school-aged youth and increasing statewide and local capacity to develop, implement, and sustain the delivery of integrated, comprehensive, evidence-based mental health and behavioral health services for youth and families. As the external evaluator for the project, the Discovery Center collects impact and process data for behavioral and mental health awareness resources, activities, and strategies addressing youth violence, and healthy child and youth development. Supplemental to these activities is the Discovery Center’s role in coordinating, project goals, objectives, and activities with targeted data collection activities. Through the creation and development of a Coordination and Integration Plan (C&I Plan), Discovery has assisted the AWARE project team, and its partners in strategically organizing and implementing project-related activities. 

Product/Publication: Coordination and Integration Plan (see Resources Library)