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Miami biologist's research part of new phase in cell biology
A recent study published by Miami scientist Andor Kiss and colleagues from the University of California, Irvine and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is related to one of runners-ups of the "2018 Science Breakthroughs of the Year: How Cells Marshall Their Contents."
As hate crimes rise across the U.S., a Miami team researches political motivations and prosecution
Two weeks after a mass shooting in Pittsburgh, what's being called the largest anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history, the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirms bias-motivated attacks are on the rise.
Miami Tribe of Oklahoma awarded national honor for cultural and language revitalization
The Miami Tribe was honored for its program myaamiaki eemamwiciki (pronounced ay-mom-witch-EE-kee). It means Miami Awakening.The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma has received a prestigious national award recognizing its cultural heritage and language revitalization program.
Biochemists Gary Lorigan and Rick Page each awarded a $1.8 million, five-year MIRA grant, a first at Miami
Biochemists Gary Lorigan and Rick Page were each awarded about $1.8 million over five years, as part of the Maximizing Investigator's Research Award, or MIRA.
Diving in to big data
Visualization of big data assists in studying changes in oxygen and temperature dynamics over seasons and years. The time series graph above was created by doctoral student Rachel Pilla and junior Donna Nguyen (photos courtesy of Pilla).Donna Nguyen, a junior economics and statistics double major, is used to working with spreadsheets full of data points. But she is new at ecological data collection in the field.
Eos Earth and Space Science News highlights paper by Miami scientists
Lake Lacawac, left, and Lake Giles have developed warmer surface waters and cooler deep waters due to increased browning over the past three decades, despite stable air temperatures. Miami researchers found that decreased clarity is a result of increases in annual precipitation and rising lake pH. The lakes are part of the Lacawac Sanctuary and Field Station in Pennsylvania, one of Miami’s partners in the Center for Aquatic and Watershed Sciences.  A recent paper by Rachel Pilla, Miami University doctoral student in biology, is featured as a Research Spotlight on  Eos Earth and Space Science News.
Student-developed web app explores overdose deaths in Butler County
Data shows a sharp increase in the use of fentanyl.A new interactive web app promises to become an important component in battling the opioid crisis in Butler County by exploring the patterns of overdose deaths.
Undergraduates conduct research projects for better health choices
Isabel Held works on a multiple-year study on infant stress as an indicator for addiction.Lamuel Bean wants to improve the health of communities. Katherine Rodriguez is influenced by her career goal of becoming a neonatologist. And Isabel Held’s tragic loss of a friend motivated her to research the connection between neurology and behaviors.