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Phishing Scams on Upswing
Tis the season for final exams, holiday get-togethers, and phishing scams. And, unfortunately, there are several currently running their course through Miami email inboxes.
Planned activity: Duo/CASv5 deployment
December 19, IT Services will be transitioning to mandatory two-factor authentication.
New look coming to the Miami login screen!
Reminder that Duo isn’t the only thing changing on December 19.
Tony Kinne: Security analysis at its finest
Information security at Miami University can't function without a human touch.
Duo Security: Tips for studying abroad with two-factor
International travel is easy with Duo Security.
Why should you update your web browser?
Browsers need to be updated just like anything else.
Security awareness at Miami University: A continued tradition
October is Cyber Security Awareness Month, so we got some face time with the University to promote healthy online habits.
The definitive guide to getting your passwords right
What constitutes a “good” password? How can you keep all your accounts straight?
Cybersecurity awareness: Get your factors right
Authentication so nice, you'll do it twice.